Dorchester, MA, United States
We share less well-known (maybe sometimes even pretty interesting) aspects about our chosen community of Dorchester. Here's our website if you're interested. Some call it "Dot" - a six square mile giant chunk of Boston often cut off of official city maps. Easily accessible via the Red Line from downtown, Dorchester is Boston's largest and most historic neighborhood. Founded in 1630, the town of Dorchester is older by a few months than the original town of Boston on it's narrow peninsula containing Downtown, the North End and Beacon Hill. Dorchester was annexed to Boston "Proper" in 1870. "By the 1860s the city of Boston, which had annexed the town of Roxbury, needed all or part of Dorchester in order to complete a drainage plan for the city. The voters of Dorchester gave their approval to annexation on June 22, 1869. The town, which had been the first in New England to establish the town meeting, held its last such conclave on December 28, 1869. The annexation took effect on January 4, 1870." (from the Dorchester Historical Society's website)

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