Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dorchester Descendants - new on facebook

Check this out: the Dorchester Descendants page on facebook, brand new! They are looking for folks whose families lived (or still reside) in Dorchester, MA, 300 years ago or 3. If you are interested in Dorchester's history from a personal perspective, please visit the page.
Image: Emilie (on left) and daughter Frieda Bethmann. 13 Carruth Street was built for Miss Frieda Bethmann in 1895. Frieda had come to the United States at the age of four, in 1872 with her family. Her father was a civil engineer at the Standard Sugar Refinery. Her mother owned the house at 31 Bushnell Street beginning around 1889.
Emilie Bethmann was actively involved in extending the number of free English-speaking kindergarten schools in Boston. She became the principal of the Julia Ward Howe Kindergarten School, bringing Frieda in as her assistant. Frieda became principal of the Thomas N. Hart Kindergarten School. Due to their interest in education, they became familiar with others in the field including Frances Folsom Cleveland, the wife of the US President. The Clevelands chose Frieda to become the kindergarten instructor for their daughters Ruth and Esther at the White House in 1896, during Cleveland’s second term.
When Frieda returned to Boston, she lived at the Beehive as her primary residence. The Bethmann family symbol is the bee, and the original door knocker had an image of a beehive with 13 bees. The family used the Beehive motif on furniture, linens and jewelry.
Information was found on the DorchesterAtheneum.org website, where it was gleaned from Our Family Portraiture, a privately-printed book produced by the descendants of the Dorchester Bethmanns.

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